Jade collection

Jade collection

‘Title: Jade collection’

This is one of my favourite paintings so far I love how the shapes play with each other in a organic and fun way. I love the color combinations and how the blues secretly fight the greens to gain attention! The inspiration for this collection came from the idea of ​​creating some outstanding golden tones that contrasted with vivid and deep colours.

These three pieces together go very well but also work excellent as an independent piece as an accent in the interior of your home.

Giglee is a professional, museum quality printing style, our prints are printed in thick texture fine art paper that resemblance the original art piece made with oil painting, finishes are natural smooth.

Available print sizes:

20x30 centimetres
30x40 centimetres
40x50 centimetres
50x60 centimetres

Other sizes available by request :)



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